Thanks for your interest in helping Rivers! There are so many ways to get involved with our school. You could attend the Rivers Connect: Life Beyond Winter Street event and get to know today’s students or come back on Sunday’s in the winter for some community skating. Reconnect with your classmates at a young alumni event or your reunion or play in the annual golf outing. Offer to be a mentor to your fellow alumni, or lend your expertise on one of the Alumni Council. No matter what your interests are, you’re bound to find a great reason to volunteer with us!

Please make sure that your contact information is up-to-date so you don’t miss the monthly newsletter and announcements and make sure to follow us on social media. Your participation could help to provide today’s students with the same life-changing experience that you enjoyed during your time at Rivers. We look forward to working with you!

Volunteer Opportunities

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  • Become a Class Agent!

    The Rivers School Alumni Class Agent
    Roles and Responsibilities

    The Class Agent is the point person for all alumni of a given class year. You are the “glue” that holds your class together. You are the person who represents the Alumni Association to your class and provides a more personal experience for alumni.

    We are here to help you! Feel free to use us as a resource on any matter. If you encounter a question you cannot answer, let us know.

    There are 4 basic duties of the Class Agent, outlined here:

    1. Obtain current contact information for all members of your class
    • Anytime you contact a classmate, remind them to send in any address changes or email changes. They can send this information to you or directly to us at j.anctil@hmionline.net.

    2. Class Notes and Alumni News (due in September and February)
    • Collect updates from classmates at any time for publication twice a year. Compile and write-up your class year’s notes, then submit to the Alumni Programs Coordinator. Note: The Rivers Communications Office will have final edit before inclusion in The Riparian.

    • Class notes include: marriages, births, deaths, matriculations, graduations, special recognitions, major moves, travel, community involvement, interesting hobbies, announcements, and any other news a classmate would like to share. Don’t forget photos!

    • News can be sent at any time to the Alumni Programs Coordinator for potential expansion into a feature article or to be posted on social media.

    3. Milestone Reunions
    • Organize a reunion committee to plan and encourage attendance by your classmates. (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th year reunions.)

    4. Annual Giving Appeal
    • Assist the Advancement Office in providing opportunities to participate in annual giving by emailing in December (Giving Tuesday and calendar year-end) and June (Rivers’ fiscal year-end) and reminding classmates as opportunities arise.
    • Show your support by making a gift and invite your classmates to do the same.
  • Join the Alumni Council.

    Made up of alumni from the 1940s to the 2000s, The Rivers School Alumni Council serves to keep Rivers' 3,000-plus alumni connected to the school. Each year the Alumni Council sponsors and works hard on several initiatives including the Annual Fund, Alumni Excellence Award, the Rivers Cup, the Alumni Golf Tournament to Benefit Financial Aid, and more.
  • Serve on a Reunion Committee.

    Reunion Committee Members responsibilities are to:
    • Come back to reunion!
    • Reach out and encourage fellow classmates and friends to come with you
    • Help us update current email and mailing addresses for classmates you may be in contact with
    • Make a gift to the Annual Fund in honor of your reunion

Alumni Council & Committees

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  • Alumni Council:

    6 officers plus 30 members
    Three meetings per year
    Responsibilities of Alumni Council members include, but are not limited to attending council meetings, active participation on a council committee, contributing to the annual fund, and attending as many Rivers events as possible.
  • Executive Committee:

    Seven members: Four shall be from the Council, no less than one of whom shall be an officer. Three shall be members of the Alumni Association.
    The Executive Committee shall have general charge and management of the conduct and administration of the business and affairs of the Council. The Executive Committee has taken on many of the Nominating Committee’s prior commitments, and is responsible for ensuring committed leadership for the Alumni Association as well as nominating appropriate candidates to serve on the Alumni Council. The Executive Committee is also responsible for nominations for the Rivers Cup and the Distinguished Service Award.
  • Awards Committee:

    AC members may sit on this committee.
    There is a maximum of 15 on this committee.
    The Award Committee is responsible for researching and nominating award recipients for the Alumni Excellence Award and the Young Alumni Achievement Award. The Excellence award is to be given during Alumni Day (to fellow alumni) and the Young Alumni Achievement Award is given during an all-school meeting (in front of the students). As part of the duties, the committee will manage the nomination process and maintain a list of potential recipients who could receive the award.
  • Events Committee:

    AC members and non-AC members may sit on this committee.
    This committee meets during 3 AC meetings each year, with additional meetings as needed
    Career Development Committee brings together Rivers alumni in order to create opportunities for professional development and networking. The Committee will focus on providing relevant professional exposure and meaningful networking opportunities for alumni, thereby expanding connections between Rivers alumni and with each other and the professional community. In addition to the main focus of alumni networking, the Committee will work with the appropriate Rivers academic departments to market opportunities for students for possible senior projects.
  • Golf Tournament Committee:

    AC members, non-AC members, and current parents may sit on this committee.
    The Committee meets five or six times per year and their goal is usually around $100,000.
    The Golf Tournament Committee is responsible for organizing Rivers’ annual golf tournament. Committee tasks include but are not limited to setting goals, recruiting players, soliciting sponsorships and auction items, and supporting the golf tournament in other appropriate ways for the annual event.
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